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Heart-Centered Relationship Coaching

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Thank you for visiting my website and for landing on this page. Perhaps you are looking for help, but all the places you've been either look the same, or haven't quite hit the mark. I think you'll find something very innovative and unique here!

Here's a snapshot of what you'll find on this page:
  • Announcing my new relationship coaching offering 
  • List of topics explored in the 7 Growth Cycles of the model
  • How does coaching work?
  • My "Ideal" Clients
  • How is coaching delivered?
  • Coaching fees
  • Coaching "packages"
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I am pleased to announce the expansion of my wedding services with a brand new offering…

The Heart-Centered Relationship Coaching ModelTM
This heart-centered approach to loving and being loved is designed for individuals who are ready to explore the amazing journey from the start of a new relationship; to reaping the harvest of a deeply satisfying, sacred partnership.

The Heart-Centered
Relationship Coaching ModelTM

My model uses the garden as a metaphor for the journey of inspired relationships.
I have identified 7 Growth Cycles in this model which represent the stages of growth (or stagnation) that individuals/couples might be in their relationship at any given time:

  1. Nurturing a Healthy Seed…Are You ‘Viable?’ 
  2. Planting Your Seeds…Will They Take Root?
  3. Tilling the Soil…What’s Below the Surface?
  4. Nourishing & Sustaining Your Sacred Garden
  5. Love & Gratitude for a Thriving Garden
  6. Weeds & Drought & Pests…Oh My!
  7. Reaping a Satisfying & Succulent Harvest

Heart-Centered Relationship Coaching ModelTM employs a variety of assessments, practical tools, and activities that you will utilize during our coaching sessions, in-between sessions and, hopefully, long after our active coaching has ended. This model is not problem-focused or just “talk therapy.” Rather, it is an active, compassionate, insight-oriented approach to relationships that will help you open your heart to loving and being loved more deeply than ever before.

And, rest assured that although this process is not "problem-focused", the beauty of the Heart-Centered Relationship Coaching ModelTM is that your relationship issues and concerns will be explored and compassionately addressed during our work together.
Just take a look at the list below!

7 Growth Cycles explore these topics...and much more!
  • Are YOU ready for a relationship?
  • Values Clarification
  • Spirituality & Religion - what part do they play?
  • Did you get the essential 5A's as a child?
  • Your Vision for Your "Ideal" Partner/Relationship
  • Deciding to love vs. falling in love
  • What is an "inspired relationship?"
  • Relationship Goals
  • Compassion for yourself and your partner
  • Communication/"Flexing" your style/Deep Listening
  • Money and Finances
  • Creating safety in your relationship
  • Roles in the relationship - who does what?
  • The joy of meeting your partner's needs
  • Re-establishing trust
  • Emotional Intimacy
  • Conflict opportunity for growth
  • 5 Love Languages
  • Sex, Sensuality and Passion - Heating Things Up!
  • Commitment
  • The All-Important "Relationship Check-Up"
  • Daily Loving Practices
  • Asking for what you need from your partner
  • Your Sacred Partnership Legacy
Once we have established our coaching relationship, you (if you are single); or you and your partner will complete an initial assessment that will help guide our work together. YOU set the agenda for your coaching goals and I provide the framework. As your Coach, I am committed to helping you get what YOU say you want from the coaching experience.

So, an important part of my job as your Coach is to firmly and compassionately hold you accountable to what you agree to do both during and between our coaching sessions. Coaching is active and ever forward-moving toward your goal.

We can focus on one or more topics within the 7 Growth Cycles; or I can guide you through each consecutive Cycle - as one builds upon the other - to take you and your mate all the way through to Reaping the Satisfying & Succulent Harvest of a sacred partnership. The choice is yours!

I have successfully coached scores of couples about every aspect of their relationships over the last 25 years. Whether your relationship is rocky or on solid ground, the
Heart-Centered Relationship Coaching ModelTM can guide you and your partner to greater depths of friendship, compassion, intimacy, and love!


  • single men and women desiring a healthy relationship
  • couples just entering a new relationship
  • engaged couples
  • newly married and "deeply rooted" married couples
  • couples in a long-term committed relationship
  • heterosexual and same-gender loving couples
My clients are ready and willing to devote time, emotional energy, and financial resources for personal growth as well as the healing and growth of their sacred partnerships.

Relationship Coaching is delivered remotely by telephone or Skype; with unlimited email support between sessions.            

Fees vary according to my client's relationship/coaching goals; and will be discussed during your free 30-minute consultation.

Fees are pre-paid in full before sessions begin - through PayPal, Chase Quick Pay, or by credit card - for a small processing fee.

You will receive a special discount if I performed your wedding; or if your wedding is booked in my calendar.

My "packages" are very simple:

  • Free 30-minute consultation
  • "Planting the Seeds" 3 one-hour sessions at the start of our work together
  • The "Newlywed Garden Walk-through" a one-hour session
  • "Let's Keep Growing" Additional one-hour sessions scheduled based on the client's updated goals

Free 30-minute consultation
This time will help both you and me determine whether the Heart-Centered Relationship Coaching ModelTM is the best fit for you and your partner; and if I am a good fit as your Coach.

"Planting the Seeds"
I ask my clients to commit to a minimum of 3 one-hour sessions at the start of our work together. Because the coaching model is active and forward moving, I typically recommend that our sessions occur at least every 1-3 weeks; with unlimited email support between sessions. My experience has been that the 3 one-hour session minimum gives everyone involved an opportunity to see if: 1) the commitment to the coaching process is there; and 2) if reasonable progress is being made.

Newlywed Garden Walk-through"
A special one-hour "walk-through" session for any couple who has been married for a year or less to see if there have been any surprises in the first year - delightful or otherwise? Has it been a "bed of roses"; or have you encountered a few prickly thorns? Let's "nip those thorny issues in the bud" now; or simply celebrate the seeds of love that are taking root in your marriage!

"Let's Keep Growing"
After completion of the initial 3 sessions, if goals have been met to the client's satisfaction, we would terminate the coaching relationship. However, often, there are still areas that need work. If so, we can schedule additional sessions based on the client's updated goals.

Are you single and ready to do some inner work to prepare you to ATTRACT that special love relationship? Have you spent months - even years - "wishing and hoping" that your relationship would somehow "get better" on its own? Have you tried other counseling methods that didn't seem to get to the root of your issues and concerns? Have you been looking for a less clinical and a more compassionate and relational approach to getting the love you want in your relationship?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions...            HELP IS ON THE WAY!

Don't wait any longer to begin cultivating and nurturing the deep love you want to give and receive in your relationship. Just as the  flowers in a garden need attention, nourishment, and tender loving care to grow and flourish; so do YOU, and so does your relationship!

Call or email me today for more information about the      Heart-Centered Relationship Coaching ModelTM; and to schedule your free 30-minute consultation.

Please make a list of your questions ahead of time,
so you can get the most benefit from your free consultation.

I look forward to serving you!
Rev. Marsha

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